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The #1 Obstacle To Helping Patients In 
Today's World Is NOT Clinical
There are many brilliant and dedicated clinicians in the integrative holistic medicine ecosystem, BUT, there are very few brilliant marketers. Here’s why this is relevant to you...

As a practitioner, you can’t just BE a great clinician. 

You also have to be KNOWN as a great clinician.

When your practice’s mission is to help people heal, but those very people are unaware your practice exists, then you can’t help them.
Here's the #1 Question to Ask Yourself: 
WHO Is Implementing My Marketing? 
  • First, is it you? 
  • Do you have the education and skills you need in digital marketing, event execution, social media strategy, etc.?
  • Do you have the time to implement campaigns in a way that gives them the priority they deserve whilst fueling your ability to serve patients (and can you do both, efficiently, consistently and effectively)?
Be completely honest with yourself. 

The vast majority of practitioners don't have advanced marketing skills or the time to implement their marketing...let alone both. 

Bottom line, you need someone else to play the role of marketing implementer and execute the marketing strategies necessary in today’s world… 
Here's How The Practice Marketing Implementer (PMI) Program Solves This Problem
The Practice Marketing Implementer program trains participants as marketing specialists 
for holistic, integrative medicine and coaching practices.
If you’re a practitioner or practice manager looking for someone on your staff to become the marketing expert for your clinic, the PMI is exactly what you'll need. 

If you’re a staff member or health coach ready to make yourself an indispensable asset to any practice, discover how to become a Marketing Implementer!

Does This Sound Like You?
Practitioner or practice manager:
Do any of these phrases describe your current practice marketing strategy?
  • Disorganized
  • Inconsistent
  • Sporadic
  • Ineffective
  • Expensive
  • Non-existent
If so, you are in the right place.

Your team is busy, and they try their best to manage your social media, craft email campaigns, design flyers and promote local events.

But (unless you’re really lucky) your staff aren’t trained marketing specialists...which means their skills and knowledge in this area are very limited.
You need a dedicated in-house implementer, someone on your staff specially trained market your practice.
Staff member or health coach:
Integrative holistic health practices need dedicated marketing specialists to promote and grow their practices.

If you’re passionate about holistic, integrative medicine and want to gain the education and experience necessary to provide marketing services to these practices, you are in the right place.
Doctors need a low-stress, coordinated marketing solution to engage patients and boost revenue...

...and they need someone else to plan, coordinate and execute their marketing so they can focus on patient care.
What better way to upgrade or create a high-impact career around your passion?
Here’s What Makes Our Program Unique
PMI participants cross-train in all essential areas of practice marketing, 
and best of all, there's no need to be a tech expert!
  • Branding and positioning
  • Social media strategy
  • Email autoresponders 
  • Website conversion, SEO and analytics
  • Facebook advertising
  • Live workshops 
  • Meetup Groups for networking, community building and practice promotion
This Course Is Taught By Actual Practice Marketers (We Practice What We Teach)
Yes! This course has been designed and is taught by our team of marketing specialists who work in-the-trenches to implement these tools and strategies every. single. day.

So we know they work... and we have a long list of success stories to prove it.

The Evolution of Medicine began as a community dedicated to empowering the success of independent holistic, integrative medicine practices.

In this pursuit, we have helped thousands of practices grow and succeed through our monthly show, the Functional Forum (the largest integrative health conference in the world), and our existing practice development programs, the Practice Accelerator, New Patient GPS and Membership Practice Builder.
Hear From PMI Participants...
"Best Move For
Our Practice..."
"Deciding to train up a dedicated staff member to implement our marketing has been the best move for our practice. Now I realize that there are so many more, easy ways to getting the word out in KC!"
Brad Dyer, DO
Premier Integrative Health
Kansas City/MO
"There's Nothing Out There That Comes Even Close..."
"If you want to build a really strong online presence for your health practice, there's nothing out there that comes even close to the actionable information EvoMed provides!"
Karin Franz-Kacprzynski
Courageous Evolution
"It's Perfect For Me 
As A Health Coach..."
"There's no other place I could have gotten such incredible focus on marketing specifically for alternative, integrative and functional medicine practices... it's perfect for me!"
JoAnn Lawrence
JoAnn Lawrence Coaching
But Here's The Thing...
The most successful participants in our various practice development programs have had dedicated implementers to execute their marketing strategy (e.g. a marketing-savvy office manager, health coach or administrative assistant...or they hire someone).

And this industry needs thousands more implementers to meet the growing demand...
...that’s where the Practice Marketing Implementer program comes in.
1. No travel required.
All the lessons are 100% online.

That means no expensive plane tickets, hotel reservations, Uber rides, conference fees or time spent away from work and/or family.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice quality.
2. Course material is geared for all types of learning styles and includes:
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Execution plans
  • Worksheets
  • Podcasts
  • LIVE trainings
3. Plus, you or your staff/implementer will be building and implementing a practice marketing strategy in real-time throughout the 14-week course.
Which means...
  • For staff, practitioners and coaches working within a practice, your clinic could see an immediate increase of awareness in your community.
  • For individuals and coaches looking to join a practice, you’ll be creating your professional portfolio, so it's easy to demonstrate the value of your marketing implementation skills.
4. And you'll have plenty of support.
Our dedicated faculty is available to help with your questions and projects via live Q&A calls every two weeks, the dedicated PMI Facebook Group or email 9AM-5PM EDT, Monday through Friday.
Here’s A Sneak Peek At What’s In Store For You In
Practice Marketing Implementer 
Module 1: Claiming Your Specialist Positioning
In this first Module, participants will hit the ground running with a solid foundation in practice branding and positioning, including:
  • Health Marketing 101
  • Understanding your ideal client
  • Choosing a niche & lead magnets
  • Brainstorming content for your social media channels, emails and website
  • How to position your practice as the go-to solution in your community
Module 2: Running Social Media
Teaches implementers everything they need to know about setting up and running engaging social media channels, including:
  • Facebook: business pages and groups, what to post, Facebook Lives
  • How to create a stand-out social media “About” page
  • YouTube: setting up a customize channel, uploading and keyword-optimizing video, website embedding 
  • Instagram/Pinterest: profile optimization, meme creation, video teasers
Module 3: Deploying An Email Autoresponder
Here participants will learn how to create a time-saving, engaging and effective patient education experience using our email autoresponder template, plus:
  • How to set up campaigns in Active Campaign or MailChimp
  • Scripts and frameworks for integrating video within the series
  • How to get patients to opt-in for the email autoresponder
  • Setting up the opt-in form of the website and staying HIPAA and GDPR-compliant
Module 4: Mastering Website And SEO
In this module, implementers learn how to revitalize an existing practice website to reflect your new branding strategy and attract more traffic, plus:
  • Website conversion basics
  • The secrets of effective web copywriting
  • What technology platforms to use to stay HIPAA-compliant
  • Research SEO keyphrases and optimize site for local SEO (without becoming an SEO specialist)
  • How to set up and analyze website analytics for tracking purposes
Module 5: Running Facebook Ads
Despite new social media sites popping up daily, Facebook Ads are still king for promoting local practices. This Module will teach how to create share-worth Facebook ads that get results, including:
  • The anatomy of a shareworthy Facebook Ad
  • Pixel basics—including how to add them to a website
  • How to choose the best campaign objective for your target market
  • How to write ad copy that converts
  • What to do in ad sets
  • When and how to split-test your ads
Module 6: Conducting In-Person Workshops
Live, in-person workshops are one of the most effective ways for practices to attract ideal patients, while positioning doctors and practitioners as community leaders. This module teaches how to set up, promote and conduct a show-stopping educational workshop:
  • 5 types of community events that are easy to run, attract the right types of prospective patients and cost little (or no) money
  • The best promotional tools for in-person workshops
  • How to structure local events for maximum attendance, engagement and enjoyment
  • How to master “the close” and turn attendees into paying clients
  • Structuring effective follow-up campaigns
Module 7: Running Local Meetups
Meetup Groups are essential to effective community-based practice marketing—and they can double as networking events. In this module we share:
  • How to build and promote a buzzworthy Meetup Group
  • Tips on finding strategic partners and sponsors
  • What to look for in a location
  • How to run a successful Meetup
  • Where to source your Meetup topics and content
  • And more
Module 8: Creating A Practice Marketing Implementation (PMI) Business
This Add-on module is for individuals interested in launching a successful Practice Marketing Implementer (PMI) business. Module 8 will show aspiring PMIs how to:
  • Create a practice marketing implementation service
  • Establish the types of consulting/services you can offer
  • Market your business to integrative medical practices
  • Your roles as a PMI
  • Approach practitioners with your services (includes an outreach sample letter)
  • Conduct your initial meeting
  • Utilize recommended resources
  • Upon completion of Module 8, you will be eligible to receive a certification of completion as a Practice Marketing Implementer (PMI)
What’s The Cost? Far Less Than A
Conference Or College Course
Practice Marketing Implementer
Practice Marketing Implementer
3 Payments of $597 OR
  • Who It’s For:
    Perfect for staff, practitioners or coaches working within a practice
  • What It Includes:
    Modules 1-7
Practice Marketing Implementer PRO
Practice Marketing Implementer PRO
4 Payments of $597 OR
  • Who It’s For:
    Individual health advocates and coaches interested in starting a full-time or part-time Practice Marketing Implementer business 
  • What It Includes:
    Modules 1-7
  • BONUS Module 8
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Listing on Evomed Website as PMI-Professional
Got Questions? We’re Here For You…
Call Us At (646) 450-4731 Or Use The Chat Widget At The Bottom
Still Unsure? Take a 30-Day Test Drive
Attend Modules 1 and 2, download the worksheets and join a Q&A call... try it all for 30 days (the first two Modules).

If you don't like it, just let us know before the release of Module 3 (after 30 days) and you'll get a full refund. 

Just one simple condition: You must actually try the course by submitting the homework and attending a Q&A call. It's test drive after all!

James Maskell and the Evolution of Medicine Team
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