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Building & Launching  Membership-Based Practice
Membership models provide a unique opportunity for practitioners to increase their income,
enhance patient relationships and engagement, and turn their practices into a sellable asset.
The How-To on Higher Service, Better Revenue & Heck-Yeah Freedom
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Frustrated By Your Revenue Stream (Or Lack Thereof)?
Or Just The Inconsistency?
Membership models provide a unique opportunity for practitioners to increase their income,
enhance patient relationships and engagement, and turn their practices into a sellable asset.

Today's fee-for-service practice models are woefully inadequate to deal with the onslaught of complex, chronic disease – with the 3rd-party payer system incentivizing revolving short-term illness-quick-fix over comprehensive root-cause resolution.

In addition, the current practice models force patients to second guess their healthcare providers and their health regimen, keeping the money discussion constantly front and center... leading the patient to make decisions with their pocket book rather than with a view towards health creation and prevention.

The perfect solution is a membership-based practice model that rewards the practitioner for always putting the patient’s health goals and plan first, and helping the patient to do the same.

And for many of the most successful practitioners, transitioning to a membership model has allowed them to finally capture the real economic value of their services in a manner that's acceptable for patients. 

And don’t worry – if you want to continue to accept insurance, you can do that – or create a hybrid model.  The real win is that YOU decide.  After all, it’s your practice!
Benefits Of Transitioning To A
Membership-Based Practice Model
  • Guaranteed Income: You'll start each month with a predictable revenue amount, based on how many members you have and the membership price. 
  • Stable Client Base: You know exactly who your patients are, when they’ll be coming in, and you can use that information to consistently grow and find new members aligned with your offering. Your patients have long-standing and deeply meaningful relationships with you.
  • Sellable Asset: If you go sell your practice (for example for retirement), you are able to provide proof of a future stream of income. This financial certainty enables you to achieve much higher practice valuations upon exit.
  • Refocus On Care: Unlike in the traditional fee-for-service model, your care team can finally focus 100% on care – having settled the discussion about money at the beginning of the therapeutic partnership.
  • Lower Cost To Deliver Care: Because payment details don't have to be discussed during each visit, practitioners can streamline many administrative aspects of their practice management. 
How Do You Plan, Position & Launch A
Membership-Based Practice Successfully?
Because of the huge potential and the financial attractiveness of a membership-based practice model, you definitely want to invest  and get the how-to and the strategic steps laid out, one by one.  The road to financial success is littered with good intentions and practitioners who didn’t have the roadmap to success on this one!

Among the conundrums for practitioners to solve:
  • How much should I charge for my membership?
  • Which services should I include (and which ones should I leave out)?
  • How do I know whether a membership-based practice is viable in my community?
  • What's the best way to get new patients to join the membership, and how do I convert my existing patient base to the new model?
  • How do I ensure I don't overextend myself on hours without capping the potential growth of my practice?
  • How can I leverage provider teams (so I don't have to do all the work)?
  • What would I need to have in place to launch new locations to replicate my successful practice?
That's why we've created the Membership Practice Builder,
 a step-by-step course to help you plan, position and launch a successful membership practice (rapidly & with ease)...
Testimonials From Past Students
“It was a fantastic use of my time and money. I think now I'm much better able to go forward and create this practice that I really want. I have a practice consultant who helps me with the specific in's and out's and the manuals and the this and the CLIA certification for my lab and that, but I didn't have anybody to help with how to actually create the practice. Now I really feel armed with the tools to be able to do that”

Jacquelyn Pariset, MD
Premier Health
“My biggest takeaway was to be introduced to the different models of a membership program. I had no idea that there were so many different ways to do it, and that it was so highly adaptable. I could try customize it to what I want. I know that I am going to be able to give a much higher level of service to my patients and my members, as well as to increase my own satisfaction because I'm going to work much smarter, and not as hard. I'm really excited by that.”

Joyce Falkowski, RN

“I love the membership model that's being presented. I think it's a very attractive model for functional medicine doctors, as well as their patients. It's a win/win situation. It's obviously far superior to what traditional medicine has to offer. The detail that we went into regarding the model itself, how to implement the model. The thought process in developing the model was really a good thought process to bring us together and make it happen.”

Bobby Doyle
Take Shape For Life

Here's What's Covered In The Course
Whether or not you're delivering primary care, family medicine, or you're an integrated provider – membership models work for many different provider types.

That's why we've partnered with Tom Blue to create this course. Tom is a veteran in the field of direct primary care and concierge medicine, and one of the foremost experts in creating that ecosystem... there's simply no one more knowledgeable about membership practices than Tom and he brings all of it to support you – the strategies, the steps, his best practices and know-how!

Throughout the 8-lesson course, we're covering:
  • Lesson 1 - Solving The $3 Trillion Riddle: This lesson covers the unique opportunity for practitioners, and why RIGHT NOW is the best time to make the transition to a membership-based practice model. It creates your entry point into this new way of delivering medicine. It takes the uncertainty out of medicine, where patients choose what they “think” they need from you, based on their financial resources, and allows them, instead, to truly trust your expertise and wisdom.
  • Lesson 2: The Practice Of The Future: This lesson walks you through the process of understanding the business model itself, as well as the actual value proposition you create with a membership-driven practice.  This lesson explores how you build a plan for a private medical practice and use this model to define (or re-define) your role with patients and your community. It helps you characterize the type of practice you're trying to build, shaping your vision and translating it to your community to engage – and enroll – them!
  • Lesson 3: Preparing For Freedom: We'll cover what you need to do to prepare yourself for the transition from fee-for-service medicine into the membership model – becoming a practice owner. This is an opportunity to create your own practice and define what it brings to the public at large, for instance supplements, or healing tools, such as hyperbaric technology, or a variety of health training and information tools. Lesson 3 is also where you create health literacy for your patients and community with robust education and design a structure that will shape the relationship that you have with patients in this new and amazingly powerful model for health and medicine.
  • Lesson 4: Market Assessment: Lesson 4 is all about defining, and to some degree, designing your audience – and who and what you choose to bring to them. By creating the landscape of whom you serve and what their needs are, you also partition out those you do not serve. This exercise will save you time, money and energy and allow you to drill down and focus on serving and attracting the community you are most interested in serving. This lesson also walks you through the idea of collaboration. Identifying who those ecosystem members are that would complement your work. Creating access and formal or informal partnerships is a great path and can serve to build marketing collaborations and cross referral in a powerful way, not to mention bringing more depth and breadth to your patient community. Get ready for a superb new model for modern medicine!
  • Lesson 5: Design Your Offering: We'll show you how to translate your value proposition into an actual service offering that appeals to your target audience. This leverages Tom's in-depth expertise working with countless practices over the last decade. In this lesson you will move from an idea or a vision to the actual steps it will take to create the anatomy of your perfect practice. This begins with your patient’s journey into and through your practice: How do they discover you, choose you, engage you, and interact with you as their health practitioner and advocate. Next you’ll define your offer and structure, your service promise and what your staffing and support needs to achieve these commitments will be. You’ll also decide on your fee structure, whether you will accept insurance (or not) and the payment options for your patients.
  • Lesson 6: Financial Modeling: To totally support your journey, lesson 6 deep-dives into budgeting and financial forecasting. This lesson brings you some of the most powerful, highly-proprietary financial planning tools available, as well as key intellectual property created by our course leader, specifically designed for membership-driven practices.
    This is about beginning a journey leading to the financial goals and dreams you intend to reach in the short- and long-term. This lesson, specifically, will put you hundreds of miles ahead of most practices and provide a measurable tool to move you constantly forward with clarity and dexterity. Based on our proprietary financial modeling tool, this lesson allows you to test your own set of assumptions (rent, staff, other costs) to derive a membership cost structure, and how that structure performs during your initial launch and over time.
  • Lesson 7: Building Your Biz Model: Based on the previous six lessons, you'll create in this lesson a one-page Lean Canvas business plan that becomes your guiding document for developing your practice marketing. This is not a huge study or dissertation that takes months or years, it is a fast, useable business plan. This is an accelerated exercise to cut through all fear, noise and distraction to create a true model for success. In this exercise you will decide what you will do – and what you will NOT do. That will allow you to distill your vision and truly embrace the freedom that a membership-driven practice creates, not only for you as the health practitioner, but also for your patients.
  • Lesson 8: Practice Marketing: The course caps off with a lesson on practice marketing, going into detail on what type of traffic sources and conversion engines are appropriate to find, attract and convert into new practice members. In this lesson, James Maskell, Founder of the Evolution of Medicine, walks you through the strategic marketing initiatives for your practice marketing. Without ramping up a marketing plan that is directed toward your best patient community, impactful and successful, at best you are missing out on a huge piece of your revenue and success story, and at worst can derail your membership practice model completely. This lesson offers some of the most creative marketing opportunities and ideas available in this new age of online media and marketing. This is marketing that will simultaneously create not only advertising, but patient relationships and ambassadorship as well. This is your foundation to build your field of influence and recognized brand. Stand up, use the new, cutting-edge community marketing techniques available to you to be recognized and discovered, and you can write your own success story for a community driven, membership based practice.
So Here's Everything You Get
  • 8 powerful video lessons (with more than 10 hours of content) to help you price, position and organize your membership-based practice.
  • Worksheets, templates, checklists and PDF resources to help you plan step-by-step your transition to a membership-based practice model.
  • Additional resources for each lesson to extend the scope of the training.
  • Access to the proprietary membership planning tool to help you understand YOUR cost basis, knowing exactly which services you can afford to include and how to price your overall membership.
  • Lean Canvas business plan tool to help you position your membership practice in your community
  • Promotional materials (and marketing resources) you can use immediately in your practice conversion
  • Access to our community of students, offering direct access to James Maskell and the entire EvoMed Team – plus peer-to-peer support.
  • Ongoing support exclusively for students
  • Exclusive podcast episodes with industry experts who reveal the strategies that they’ve used to create massively successful practices.
  • Transcripts from the lessons  so you can quickly refer back to sections at a later time.
Testimonials From Past Students
“I would say if you're on the fence about offering a membership in your practice, or if your plan is to move towards a membership within your practice, you need this course.  The spreadsheet really provides a hard analytical look at what it is that you're planning as far as growth, and when you can bring on new practitioners, and all of that, things that I would never have been able to put into an Excel spreadsheet, or into any sort of business approach. That provided me with a lot of information on how to incorporate that into my practice.”

Jackie Silkey, MD
Silkey Skin MD
“I think the content was amazing. It took you from every position and concern from an office manager's perspective of what you do, how you do it, what it costs, and how you're going to recoup that, to also the affordability for the patient, so the patient perspective as well. It helps you outline your purpose, and lets you understand and put behind that purpose that value proposition, which then allows you to be confident in what you're providing the patient, how you're providing it, and creating a better business.”

Leah Thompson, Office Manager
Crabapple Internal & Integrative Medicine
“The Facebook group is very interesting, in that you have practitioners at different levels, or different phases, of evolution. People who are just thinking about functional medicine, people who have been doing it for years together in a fee-based structure, or people who have really set a very good practice doing very well, but now want some time for themselves. Everybody gives something of value. You can see that groups form, and you connect with these people because they understand what you say.”

Nisha Chellam, MD
MedFix PC
The Membership Practice Builder Is Where You Take Control.
Create Stronger Revenue, Healthier Clients, And Heck-Yeah Freedom.
The Membership Practice Builder is the quintessential training program. It is a toolkit to teach ambitious, empowered practitioners the step-by-step strategies that are working right now to build a super successful modern practice.

This is your step-by-step blueprint to create this vitally important part of your successful practice. We all know that health should not be something we think about only when we’re sick, and this is where you begin to teach your patients the role you truly wish to play in their long, health-filled, successful lives.

This is ALREADY being done successfully.
  • Patients no longer pick and choose based on their ability to pay, putting their health plan second (or last).
  • Practitioners no longer rely on 3rd-Party Insurance to run their revenue (and their lives).
  • We cover many different Membership Models, allowing you to design the ‘perfect’ experience for both your patients and yourself.
  • You get paid a solid, steadily growing monthly revenue stream.
  • Patients pay to be a member of your practice. (Yes, this is working!) They pay you whether they see you or not.
  • You become a part of their life and health plan – not their treatment plan.
  • Fast-track to recognition as a respected, recognized leader.
Investing In Yourself Always Pays You Back
“Investing in yourself always pays you back. With the quality that you're getting here, if they offered it at three times the price, it would be worth it. You can do it from the convenience of your own home without getting on a plane, without having to pay to stay in a hotel. You can do it at your own pace.”

Joyce Falkowski, RN

The real question that you have to ask is...
What is it COSTING You To Attempt To Launch A
Membership Practice All On Your Own?
We want our community to always make the right choice to fast-track their success, and that means not taking the hard road.

It means not charting a winding, difficult path where a better one has already been laid out, where we skip past the roadblocks the detours and the costly mistakes.

There is a cost to doing it alone – without peers and mentors – and that goes far beyond the bottom line. It means more stress, more indecision, and fewer options… because let’s face it, we don’t know what we don’t know.  Mentors and peers who have already succeeded are like a roadmap leading directly to guaranteed success and steady, repeatable revenue.

This is the path to freedom.

Investing your time – and money – to get the right advice at the beginning will save you time, energy and frustration all along the way. That’s why this program (and community) are a priceless beginning to a shiny new future.

Our most important mission is helping you succeed.
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  • What if I don’t want to stop accepting insurance? If you want to continue to accept insurance, you can do that – or create a hybrid model.  The real win is that YOU decide.  After all, it’s your practice!
  • What if I don’t have a practice yet? Will this help me figure out how to get started? Yes, this could be the most critical decision you'll ever make. Starting any practice takes a lot of time, effort and energy... and most practitioners start without having any real guidance, and it can take years for them to figure out what works. The Membership Practice Builder can start you off on the right track.
  • Will the Membership Practice Builder work for me?  Yes!  Look, it’s not just Tom Blue – we chose to create this course and bring it to you after four years of hearing how this model worked for practitioner after practitioner. From Hint Health to Dr. Wayne Dysinger to Dr. Robin Berzin, and countless doctors and health practitioners we’ve met all over the country at our Functional Forums. We believe this is the future of medicine and one of the most successful ways to truly affect the health of your communities and patients for the better. Living longer is not enough. Living better, that’s the goal.
  • Will I actually get to connect with James and the EvoMed team? Yes, James and the whole Evolution of Medicine team are very responsive in the private Facebook group.
  • What if I am already successful with my regular practice model?  This is a great starting point – many of our participants come in with some success already in place. But the truth is that membership-practices are a relatively new concept that's rapidly being refined!  By bringing you industry insights & experts, new marketing strategies, tools and processes, we support you to stay on top of your game and a leader in your field and community.
  • I have a brick-and-mortar practice—can the Membership Practice Builder help me? Of course, whether you have a brick-and-mortar practice or a telemedicine practice, the membership-based model provides a unique opportunity for practitioners to increase their income, enhance patient relationships and engagement and turn their practices into a sellable asset.
  • I work with a business partner. Can we take the Membership Practice Builder together? We highly encourage you to involve your business partner and team, because those who are most successful, travel together.
  • What if I don’t like the Membership Practice Builder? Do you have a refund policy? Yes. 100%. If you attend the lessons, utilize the resources, engage in the Facebook group, and still don’t feel like you can make your investment back from the content, we're happy to issue a refund.
Just Listen To What Some Of The
Past Students Are Saying
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