Are You Ready To Shift To A More Virtual, Low-Overhead Practice? 
Special Webinar With Dr. Lara Salyer
Effortless Online Course Creation... The Best-Kept Secret To Scaling Your Private Practice
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Dr. Lara Salyer

Health Innate

Uli Iserloh, PhD

Big Boost Marketing
Are You Looking For Ways To Monetize 
Your Expertise Beyond 1-on-1 Visits? 
Given the current COVID19 crisis, many health practitioners find themselves looking for ways to shift towards a more virtual, low-overhead practice... ideally leveraging their time through scalable group education programs. 

If you're wondering whether online courses are the answer, then join us for a special live training with Dr. Lara Salyer on Monday, April 13 at 11am EST.

Fueled by boundless creativity, Dr. Lara Salyer has pioneered innovative group medical visits and online health education in her rural Wisconsin community and become a sought-after mentor for many health practitioners.
Join Us To Learn:
  • What are the best formats (online courses, workshops, group visits etc) to diversify your income stream beyond 1-on-1 work?
  • What every practitioner needs to know before creating an online course... and why courses are the best-kept secret to scaling your private practice
  • Tips on creating irresistible online courses... so you can increase patient compliance and scale effortlessly (while reclaiming your sanity!)
  • How to evaluate whether your course has merit... before you spend tons of time creating it
  • How to market your course (without having to become a marketing wiz)
  • How to decide whether you should create an online course at this time
Meet Your Hosts
Dr. Lara Salyer, DO, IFMCP is an award-winning, small town family physician who "colors outside the lines of a typical doctor." She strategically resigned from her employed position in 2016 to open a holistic private practice in functional medicine.

She believes “a patient’s health is directly proportional to their physician’s teaching ability”. Driven by a passion to impart sustainable integrative health to the masses, she leverages technology to build a cohesive tribe of wellness in her community by hosting innovative group medical visits, online health education, as well as traditional individual services.

When she’s not involved in patient care, Dr. Lara writes, draws, and speaks about the intersection of creative flow state and medicine. She inspires colleagues to live their ideal life by prescribing creativity to re- energize their careers, decrease stress, and have more fun.

As a veteran marketing technologist, Uli Iserloh has spent the past two decades building automated marketing systems that position health practitioners as the go-to experts in their community. In a world dominated by chronic disease, he advocates for an education-based marketing approach to inform prospective patients about the promise of integrative, naturopathic, and functional medicine.

After 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he founded Big Boost Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency serving many of today’s Functional Medicine leaders – helping health practitioners attract, nurture and convert more prospects into clients. In addition, he is also serving as the COO for the Evolution of Medicine, guiding the company’s marketing strategy and operations. 

He regularly speaks on marketing automation and technology. He lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with his wife and French Bulldogs. 
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