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“With physicians losing faith in industrialized medicine at record speed, a new paradigm is needed to engage both physicians and patients into health creation. The ‘Functional Micropractice’ is a fascinating concept and will accelerate the movement towards truly integrated healthcare. I recommend this book to any physician colleague.” 

Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing
Why Every Healthcare Professional Needs To Read This Book
  • Did you know, that according to a 2016 large American physician survey, that over 83% of doctors report feeling “disillusioned with medicine?” With 63% considering quitting within the next two years?
  • What’s more, 1 million patients are expected to lose their doctors to suicide this year.
  • While the modern epidemics of chronic disease continue to baffle and bankrupt our hospitals, private practices, and economy.
The time for a new model of healthcare, one that empowers and inspires health creation in patients, communities, and practitioners, is past-due.
This book provides a roadmap to get you off the healthcare production line and back into the noble business of creating true health.

You were born to do this; “The Evolution of Medicine” will show you how to get there…
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“I highly recommend this book to any of my physician colleagues looking to fall back in love with practicing medicine, and given its exquisite timing, this book might just change the world.”

MARK HYMAN, MD, Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine
“If you are a frustrated medical professional looking for another way, you have to read this book! The population’s health is getting worse—it is devolving. It is time for medicine to evolve.”

RANGAN CHATTERJEE, MD, BBC One’s “Doctor in the House”
“We need doctors who love their work and patients who love their doctors again. This new wave that James Maskell presents to us in The Evolution of Medicine offers a healing balm that has the potential to change the tide for us all.”

AVIVA ROMM, MD, Yale Integrative Medicine
“The Evolution of Medicine”
The Practitioner’s Handbook
To Creating A Successful Community Micropractice
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Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn 
In This Game-Changing Book:
  • Chapter 1: “A New Model” reveals how to get in on the ground-floor of the ultimate, patient-centered, systematic, reproducible, proven model for health creation in the 21st century.
  • Chapter 2: “Facing Your Fears” presents the straight facts, success stories, and inspiration you need to push through the common fears and misconceptions that have kept you from creating the practice of your dreams. 
  • Chapter 3: “Turning to the Community” outlines how to make the transition to a new model gradually, by harnessing the power of community. You will learn how to implement community outreach strategies—such as those taught at Harvard School of Public Health—that will help you create the practice your community wants while pre-qualifying and pre-selling future patients.
  • Chapter 4: “Training and Education” gives you insider tips on exactly where to get the top-notch training and qualifications you need to become a successful healer, entrepreneur, and community leader in this new movement.
  • Chapter 5: “Test and Challenges” provides your roadmap to financial freedom. Here, we analyze and compare the most popular outside-the-box billing models in practice today including: insurance, cash-pay, fee-for-service, and direct primary care membership models. You’ll also learn the #1 way to create consistent income in a community micropractice, AND how two simple shifts in mindset can increase your earnings by $50,000-$100,000 a year.
  • Chapter 6 “Patient Education” is all about streamlining practitioners’ most time-consuming process: educating patients. Discover how to balance face-time with automated systems, coaching, and other technologies to create a patient educational experience that’s both engaging and efficient for patient and practitioner. Plus, we reveal the two things you need to run a successful community event.
  • Chapter 7: “Increasing Your Efficiency” details the 3 key efficiency components you must implement to rapidly grow your own community practice. Plus, you’ll get how-tos on group-structured patient education, hiring health coaches, and best-technologies for streamlining intakes, patient accountability, virtual supplement dispensaries, and more!
  • Chapter 8: “Building Your Community” shows you how to tap into the core desires of your community to create a steady stream of eager new patients and co-provider referrals. Learn best practices for local networking, creating referral systems and cross-promotions, social media marketing, online schedulers, and how to run a low-stress, high-yield event using Facebook and Eventbrite.
  • Chapter 9: “Becoming an Evangelist” will inspire you to think BIG about spreading the word of change using your own unique gifts, knowledge, and communication platform—be it writing books and articles, podcasting, or teaching. Gain inspiration from other trailblazers like New York Times Best-Selling author Dr. Kelly Brogan, BBC’s “One Doctor in the House” host Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, and PBS’ host of “The Fear Cure” Dr. Lissa Rankin, to create a solid vision of your life as a community leader in the evolution of medicine. 
This Book Has Helped Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Nurses & Nurse Practitioners, Nutritionists, Health Coaches And Other Healthcare Professionals Overcome Their Fears And Create The Practice Of Their Dreams...
Get Your FREE Copy, Join the Movement to Solve Chronic Disease,
And Fall Back in Love with Medicine!
“If you’ve fallen out of love with medicine, are feeling frustrated with the current healthcare model or you just have a sneaking suspicion that medicine could be done better, you must read this book!

James Maskell has provided more than an inspiring message—he has given practitioners the framework to reignite their passion and create a model that profoundly improves both patient and doctor satisfaction. What feels almost impossible or takes doctors years to figure out has been succinctly delivered in Maskell’s message.

You can have a deeply rewarding medical practice. Imagine awaking invigorated for the day in anticipation of the lives you will change and the time you will spend with patients who love you. It’s possible and The Evolution of Medicine can show you how.” –JOLENE BRIGHTEN, ND
“I just wanted to stop and say congratulations. You are doing a stellar job launching the book and bringing forward your practice efficiency message. I have decided to get out of my brick and mortar office after 19.5 years in practice and will be closing my doors to my walk-in clinic in the end of Dec. I am going all digital. Your Functional Medicine Micropractice message is exactly what I needed to hear at the exact right time. Huge thanks to you and ready to transform my life…” -KRISTI HUGHES ND, Director of Medical Education
“I heard James speak on the topic of building a successful micropractice back in 2011, right when I was at a turning point in my career. I wanted to open a Functional Medicine practice but I didn’t know where to begin. With his enthusiasm, help, and guidance on patient outreach and system implementation (as outlined in this book) I created a successful micropractice which has allowed me to find great joy and fulfillment in medicine again.” -ALEJANDRA CARRASCO, MD
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By now you may be wondering why I am doing this. After all, the book is already an Amazon bestseller and there is no catch or “hidden-agenda”.

I’m doing this for 3 simple reasons:
#1: We need to expand our community and get the word out… and we can’t do this without practitioners like you. Despite the symptoms of inevitable total-system-failure, our current system is still king, and that won’t change until more practitioners see a viable future in adopting this new model of healthcare.

#2: I want to help put an end to chronic disease, and I know that can only happen through integrative community practices that create health for both patient and practitioner. I dedicated this book to my daughter and her generation for this reason—they desperately need our help in this regard.

#3: Finally, if you find the information in this book valuable, I hope you will consider The Evolution of Medicine’s other programs, products, and events to help you build the practice of your dreams.
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“James has created a handbook for how to reclaim your life’s purpose,
and to contribute personally to the most important revolution of our time.”
-KELLY BROGAN, MD, Holistic Psychiatrist, author of A Mind of Your Own
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Now Is The Time, This Is The Sign
After speaking with tens of thousands of healthcare professionals I would bet that practicing medicine or healing is more than just a career to you, it is your calling.
It has been said that your life’s purpose can be fulfilled in sharing your gifts with the world.

But how well can you share those gifts within a broken system of 7-minute visits, insurance red tape, and/or barely getting by financially (and emotionally) as a doctor or healer?

You deserve a functional, efficient, and progressive model in which to thrive and share your gift of healing with your community. This book will show you how to get there…all you have to do is click the button below.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter… and if I may offer one last nudge it’s this:

Our healthcare community desperately needs leaders. Practitioners, like you, who are willing to let go of a broken system and take those first steps toward evolving medicine.

It took me and my team 10+ years in the field to gather the data, case studies, interviews, celebrity endorsements, and to test out the best-practices and systems offered to you in this book.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for, and, as you’ll see in the book, this new model is already working for practitioners all over the country.

This is not theory, this model has been proven to work time and time again…and you can make it work for you too.

All you have to do is take the first steps by ordering and reading this free book.

My hope is, it will help you see a bright future in medicine, revitalize your mind, and reignite your love for healthcare.

In appreciation,

-James Maskell
  • I’m giving away 500 free copies of my Amazon best-seller: “The Evolution of Medicine” to healthcare professionals.
  • You can claim your free copy by clicking the button below.
  • All you pay is $7.95 shipping and handling for US orders, ($12.95 shipping and handling for international orders).
  • There is no catch, we won’t sell your email address, sign you up for affiliate offers, or make you enroll in a “trial-offer”.
  • Why are we doing this? We need to expand our community so we can get the word out about this new model, solve chronic disease, heal the healers, and (if you like the book) we hope you will consider our programs in the future.
  • Supplies are very limited (we have 500 copies to give away), so once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • And YES, the book is 100% free, you just pay the shipping and handling.