Special Webinar Training
The Future of Hormone Testing
The Future Of Hormone Testing

James Maskell

​James Maskell is the host and founder of the Functional Forum, the world's largest integrative medical conference. He is also CEO of the Evolution of Medicine, an organization whose mission is to help create 100,000 functional micropractices that can effectively solve the modern chronic disease epidemic.

Mark Newman, MS

​Mark Newman is a recognized expert and international speaker in the field of hormone testing. Mark has spent nearly 20 years within specialty laboratories, developing and directing 24-hour urine hormone testing, organic acid testing and salivary hormone testing, gaining a fairly unique and thorough perspective on blood, urine and saliva hormone testing. This unique experience led to a vision for a revolutionary way to test hormones; Mark began his own lab, Precision Analytical Inc., and is the creator of DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones). 
During this special webinar, Mark Newman, the creator of the world’s first dried urine test for hormones, will discuss what drove the creative process that resulted in the creation of the DUTCH test – a unique testing method which bridges the gap between existing lab tests, creating a better tool for healthcare practitioners to address the needs of their patients. 

Additionally, Mark will discuss how the DUTCH test helps practitioners find answers to complex clinical questions that affect their patient’s lives every day. You will discover:
  • The key differences between traditional versus functional clinical approaches
  • What makes traditional labs different from functional labs
  • DUTCH one-of-a-kind reporting method that creates a better tool for healthcare practitioners explore hormone issues
  • How practitioners can run functional hormone testing, highlighted with specific case study examples
  • As a practitioner, you’ll know how to best choose among available hormone testing options
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