The Ultimate Functional And Integrative Medicine
Education Resource - Yours For Free  
The Ultimate Functional And Integrative Medicine Education Resource - Yours For Free
Whether You Are A Student, Clinician,
Or Patient, Here Is Something
For You As Our Gift
In an attempt to provide you with the one go-to resource for all things functional, integrative and ancestral when it comes to health, Robert Abbott has created the Ultimate Functional and Integrative Medicine Education Resource.

This is a unique compilation - a rich list of the best resources.

It includes blogs, e-books, books, podcasts, videos and the currently available formal trainings / certifications...
If you’ve spent irreplaceable lost time slogging through information overload on Google, this is your one-stop simple solution.
We believe Robert Abbott created the comprehensive guide to return to time and time again. And here it is.
WHO should USE IT and WHY?
  • Practitioners: In addition to this resource supporting YOU, consider giving this to your patients highlighting specific resources you recommend for them. (Just share the link to this page with your patients:

    There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Providing your patients with the best evidence-based educational material is a phenomenal gift.
  • Students: No matter what your credentials are, you must always make an effort to engage with material outside of your standard curriculum in order to learn more about nutrition, functional root cause approaches to health and practical ways to engage and support patients.

    This information won’t come falling in your lap, so we are providing you this valuable resource, knowing the challenges you have and will face. It is also our mission to provide content of this caliber to everyone in our community.
  • Patients: This is life-altering material for you and your family. Begin to explore some of what is presented here and learn everything you can. It is, after all, your body, health and life, every day. Remember that it is potentially dangerous to follow some of the stricter dietary approaches and protocols you may uncover, so we always strongly encourage you to work directly with a credentialed clinician as part of your healing journey.
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